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Voice Tools That Will Help You Write Better

Voice Tools That Will Help You Write Better

Technological evolution is leading to ever greater interaction between humans and machines, with always positive repercussions in all sectors. A peculiarity of this “connection” is undoubtedly the Voice Technology, also known as speech recognition, which is the process that allows the oral language to be recognized and subsequently processed through a speech recognition system or a computer.

Voice Tools That Will Help You Write Better

It is a feature that saw the first experiments already many decades ago, with significant improvements starting from the 2000s. In recent times the improvements have been even more marked and have allowed overcoming some critical issues.

But what characterizes speech recognition? You are probably wondering what the hallmarks of this feature are. First of all, it is necessary that you can interface with a technological device that will recognize its voice, going to process it with the related information. An example is smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, but also “smart” appliances that you may have started to have in your home too.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Other fundamental aspects are obviously artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which allows the machine to constantly improve through machine learning, without forgetting the evolutions in terms of language understanding, with current software able to recognize and also process the voice of people with disabilities.

It is therefore a real technological revolution, which puts you in a position to interact with applications and devices simply through your voice, significantly improving your quality of life.

Speech recognition is therefore used in many fields, even if its main use is found in dictation. Through this function, in fact, the system will transcribe what you dictate verbally, without typing any text and also managing to carry out translations and recordings. But what are the best speech recognition sites you can use for free? Let’s see them together.

Voice dictation on Apple’s iOS

With iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, entering text via dictation is really very simple (on the iPad and iPhone 6s and later models, no internet connection is even required). All you have to do is press the microphone on the keyboard and start speaking to see the text shown on the display.

Best Voice Recognition Software

When you’re done, just stop talking and press the keyboard button. With iOS, you will also see underlined in blue the words not detected perfectly, which you can easily correct by clicking on them and choosing the suitable version.

Voice dictation on Android smartphone

With Android smartphones, all applications in which you can write and at the same time there is a microphone allow you to activate voice dictation. Many of these phones already have Google’s GBoard keyboard included, but if your smartphone isn’t there, you can always install it.

However, even if it is already included, always check if Italian is among the recognized languages. Go to Settings, then tap on Language and Input and click on GBoard. Access the settings and among the supported languages ​​also add Italian. GBoard works very well and guarantees a high-level voice dictation, although it is always better to spell the words well and check at the end if there are no errors.

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