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How to Create a Strong Password?

Create a Strong Password

With certainty, all the information that interests us from anywhere is stored on some platform or digital device. Therefore, all the security to access them is vital, or so it should be. Surprisingly, today and despite the same system recommendations regarding passwords, there are those who continue to use the famous combination “123456”, followed by “123456789” and “qwerty” according to the data published in December by the SplashData secure application provider.

Create a Strong Password

Aware of this reality and of the risks that it implies, the FBI office itself has taken the task of distributing a manual of recommendations so that sensitive information in our bank accounts, emails, social networks or our smartphone is safe or at least much more protected.

How to Choose a Strong Password?

According to the FBI, most of the time, people who follow these terrible passwords claim that choosing a more complex combination would be more difficult to remember, for them they have decided to propose a series of tips that address this situation. And for this they recommend:

Tips to make your passwords better

  • Use a password with at least 15 characters, such as a phrase that is easy to remember.
  • Mix letters and numbers.
  • Use password managers to create complicated passwords and remember them.
  • Change the password when there is any suspicion of improper access to the account.

What about password managers?

Regarding this tool, the FBI seems not to be completely confident. The downside of using a password program is that if an attacker cracks your vault password, then he will know all your passwords for all your accounts. However, considering those who trust these types of managers, they add that many IT professionals agree, the benefit of a password protection program far outweighs this risk.

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