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Best iPad Accessories 2021

Best iPad Accessories

One more week we return to the load with an interesting accessory that you can buy on Amazon and that leaves a good taste in your mouth. We are talking about a 65 euro UGREEN USB-C charger that you can use without problems with all your accessories. Although it is common to use it for an iPad, it goes without saying that it is suitable for your iPhone, smartphone of any brand, or even for your MacBook. If you have a power of up to 65 W, here you have a serious all-rounder candidate.

Best iPad Accessories

Due to its size, number of outputs, fast charging, and technology, which we will see later, the charger boasts very suitable properties for those users who need a solution that works for everything. That is to say, the person who removes a unique accessory and with which he can supply his cargo needs. Let’s know something more about this charger that should not be missing from your backpack.

This is the next generation charger for your devices

From the manufacturer, they show off having developed a safe and versatile product, and after more than a month of use, I can confirm that this is the case. As can be seen, the USB-C standard is gaining ground compared to the USB of a lifetime. This device has 4 outputs, three for USB-C and one for A. We have here a sample of the different powers that each of these outputs delivers.

Combined output

The charger surprises with its low weight, only 165 grams, and its small size. It is considerably smaller than the standard charger for a 61W MacBook. The finish is matte black with a pleasant texture since the surface of its outer faces has a peculiar scratch. This casing has a special resistance against fire. When using quality chargers, this possibility of fire is highly unlikely, but you never know.

accessories to use

From UGREEN they announce that the charger is developed with a semiconductor material such as Gallium Nitride. One of the properties of this material is to be able to work at high performance, being able to charge your phone in record time. For example, my iPhone 11 Pro is at full power in just over an hour. For the sixth-generation iPad, the time is obviously longer, but much faster than if I use the one that comes built into the box.

And my doubts came when it came to being able to load a MacBook. The one I use was not valid for the tests, since it is 15 inches and needs 87 W, but I have been able to test with a friend’s MacBook Pro, which has a 13-inch model, and gives the necessary load so that I can fill your battery. A great bet for versatility.

No, it does not heat up

It is striking that after charging any device, the charger is much colder than others. It is due to a copper heatsink that prevents heat from building up, so the touch is very cool. As a user, this feeling of having a non-overcharging charger provides a lot of peace of mind.

Who may need this charger?

Best iPad Accessories 2021

Those people who, for work or leisure, must have a valid solution for their devices, be it a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Its small size, low weight, and versatility make it a great bet for comfort. It can be carried anywhere comfortably without taking up space.

Any but?

When a quality product like this is presented, we must know that the price to pay is not exactly cheap. This charger has a price close to 50 euros, although currently, we can apply a coupon for an additional 10 euros discount from the manufacturer. Personally, the 40 euros invested in this product are quite worth it, since it is much better to carry everything concentrated in one place than to walk with several different chargers. And it should be remembered that in the case of a product that meets high safety standards and that heats up very little, there is little more to add.

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