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Our iPhone is capable of practically anything, even finding us a flat to live in. With the idealista app on your iPhone, you can find the perfect apartment to rent or buy, in the area you like the most, with the best distribution, the number of rooms you need, and the lowest possible price.


At idealista you will find the widest range of homes, rooms, offices, premises, warehouses, and garages to buy and rent in the area of ​​Spain that you want. It is one of the most complete and easy-to-use apps to find a flat, you will discover the perfect place to live from your iPhone.

How to find a flat with your iPhone and the idealista app

The idealista app is designed to find a flat quickly and easily. For that reason, we have nothing to distract us from our main task. The first time you open the app, it will ask you for the country in which you want to find a property, you can create a user account and you will go to the main window of the app.

The search for a house in idealista is very simple. Select if you want a property to buy or rent, select what you are looking for (new construction, rooms, offices, premises, garages, land, storage rooms …), tap on the location to search near your location, or to search a certain neighborhood, municipality, city or you can explore the map. Tap on Search and you will see a list with all the properties.

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In the upper area, you can add filters, such as the square meters or the number of rooms, sort the results by price and see the properties in an approximate location on the map. You have everything you need to find a house in the idealista app.

Within each ad, we can see a lot of information. We will have a large number of photos, videos, or even 3D images and plans of the property. We will find all the information about the house, size, rooms, price, equipment, and location. We will also see the price per square meter when the ad was published, and how many visits it has received, so you know if you should hurry when deciding.

The idealista app allows us to contact you by making a call or by means of messages through the application itself. Finding your ideal home is closer than you think.

Main functions of the idealista app for iPhone

The idealista app has some special functions that make it unique, one of the best applications for iPhone if you want to find a flat to rent, buy, or if you want to sell your house.

How to find houses

  • You can contact the owners through the application itself, through its own messaging system.
  • Properties can be saved as favorites to find them quickly.
  • You have search options to find properties near certain places such as subway stations, suburbs, or relevant places in each city.
  • There is an option to search by phone in idealista, it will detect if there is a house for sale with that contact telephone number, perfect if you have seen a “For sale” sign on the street that only says the phone number.
  • You can save different searches within the app’s history.
  • We also have a feature that helps us find mortgages that fit our budget.
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